Introduction to Video Tutorials

Hello, and welcome to! Here, you will find a tutorial for 3D programming in C++ using OpenGL. This tutorial is geared toward making games, but applies to all 3D programming, including simulation and modeling.

This tutorial is designed to be as beginner-friendly as possible. It assumes that you have some knowledge of C++, though it stays away from more advanced features such as virtual functions and const-correctness. I also assume that you are familiar with vectors and matrices.

I am a college student majoring in computer science. I'm an experienced programmer, as I've been programming since I was 10. I'm not an expert at OpenGL, but I do know some things about it, and I would like to share what I do know.

I am making this website because I've seen some of the OpenGL tutorials out there, and I think I can do better. Also, I think that video tutorials are engaging. Personally, I'd rather have someone show and explain something to me than read through a manual.

So here's my site. I hope you like it!

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